Taking every chance

The weather was horrible during last few days, raining all the time. I was so disappointed as I saw that farmers began the harvest on the wheat fields near my place. I wanted to shoot one of those typical bunch of wheat. I was waiting for this moment last couple of months, literally having a picture in my mind. It was around 21:00 when I saw some beams of very warm light hitting my window. I didn’t think much at that time… I just knew that I can’t miss this opportunity. I quickly checked how much time I have before the sunset is gone, Google showed that the sunset supposed to be at 21:11… 😉 I had literally a few minutes to pack up my gear, jump on a bicycle and head to that sweet spot. All the way I was praying that I haven’t forgotten anything (it took me like 4 min to get there, but believe me, it felt like forever). When I arrived, I saw this scene. The f-range was huge, so I was sure that I’ll have to bracket for an HDR. After a few moments, the sky was clouded again and all colors were gone.
I came back home with two pictures only (both shot for an HDR) and only one that I actually liked – and that’s completely satisfying 🙂

For the post-processing, I managed to extract all what I needed from one RAW image only, in Lightroom, so I didn’t even have to play with an HDR… it was a very lucky evening 🙂