This is a royal palace located in the Wilanów district, Warsaw, Poland. (Click to see larger) Photo details: Nikon D800; 18-35mm f3.5-4.5; 1.2 sec at f/16; ISO 100. More photos at

This is how Warsaw, the capital of my country, looks like at night. (Click to see larger) Photo details: Nikon D800; 28-300mm f3.5-5.6; 8 sec at f/6; ISO 800. More photos at

Some time ago we went to Warsaw for a few days, to visit the best restaurant in Poland, Atelier Amaro. I’ve decided to use that opportunity to take a few photos in the city. It’s been a while since I was in Warsaw last time, and it’s changed quite a bit. I was really surprised how modern this city looks like. This photo was taken from the Palace of Culture and Science. I got there a bit too late and the sunset was almost over. It was so…


Hi Folks, I’ve recently went to Frankfurt take a cityscape picture. The idea was to climb on the top of the Main Tower (well, I used the lift) and shoot some late evening photos.

Deutsche Bank Twin Towers-1

I took this picture more less 2 years ago, it was around the time I moved to Germany. I had a poor Nikon D3000 with a kit lens 18-55mm, at that time. I also didn’t know much about photography, and honestly, I had no idea it’ll become such a great passion of mine.


I took this picture during last photo-walk in Frankfurt,  when the sun was already gone. We had packed our gear already, and we were actually heading back to the car. But then, on the way back, we saw those lights and reflections. The scene was so gorgeous that we couldn’t stop ourselves. We set up our tripods again and started shooting. I shot this scene before, only from a different bridge. The view was more less the same, but reacher in the experience, the results are much better! …