I took this photo at Elbsee located south of Germany at the Austrian border. In fact, because of how the border is created, the quickest way to get there was through Austria. I was a sunrise casting this amazing light on the trees and burning the morning fog. (Click to see larger)

I took this picture while I was traveling around Dolomites. It was a couple of hours after the sunrise already and I was scouting for a good spot to shoot on the next day, when I found this spot. I wasn’t sure I’m gonna be back here on the next day, so I decided to take a couple of shots just in case. It turned that I didn’t come back there again, but after reviewing photos, it happen to be one of my favourite photos from that trip….

I took this photo while I was travelling around Dolomites, Italy. It was a really stormy weather and we were actually the only people there. Well, I’m not really surprised, it didn’t look promising. However, I had a feeling that being patient enough will bring some nice light along. I wasn’t mistaken, not this time at least… ­čÖé

Took this photo in May 2015 when I was scouting for a location in Dolomites to photograph a sunset. I took many photos like that on that day, the are is just gorgeus. More photos at http://photography.andrzejolchawa.com

Dolomites are huge and this kind of vistas are absolutely everywhere. Mountains there are quite high (not the highest though), but they are also separated from each other giving you a chance to look at a mountain from a distance while you’re right on top of another one. (Click to see larger)

(Click to see larger) The latest N-Photo Magazine, issue 05/2015, has just been released. Also in this issue you’ll find one of my photos. One of the things I love about mountains is the weather. You can be there in the middle of a storm, but being patient usually brings a nice reward along. This photo was taken in Dolomites, while driving through Sella Pass, on the way up. Even that it was the middle of the day, the weather and clouds played their part very well in…

Real sunrise happens very late when you’re surrounded by mountains. By the time the sun reaches your subject, it’s already high and the light very harsh. Luckily, there are many other components that make the photograph: the burning fog, spots of light on colorful trees and of course a small harbor as the main subject. This photo was taken late morning at Elbsee, Germany. (Click to see larger)

Hi guys! A couple of months ago I want for a weekend trip to Garmisch-Partenkirchen to explore that part of Bavaria and take some photos if it. I decided to go there because I’ve seen some photos on the internet, believe me, there are some beautiful mountains there. The problem is that you can’t see any of that beautiful landscape if the clouds are too low, as they cover the whole mountains and what you end up is just grayness. Well, I wouldn’t be myself if I couldn’t…

Greetings Folks! How often you go back to your old photos which you have buried in your Lightroom library? I don’t do that very often, but, every time I do, there’s always something to discover, something that I’ve never thought of being even worth to start to process it.

Greetings Folks! A few weeks ago I went for a longer weekend to photograph F├╝ssen and the area around. I had a couple of ideas of where to shoot, but ultimately, I ended up with shooting everywhere but F├╝ssen ­čÖé Don’t get me wrong, it was a good thing as the are around is just amazing! I’ve done some research before and I had a few spots from which I wanted to photograph.