Playing with “bokeh”

other-9Everyone knows how to achieve a “bokeh” effect: either long lens with background away from the subject, or just a short (e.g. 50mm) but very fast lens (e.g. 1.8f). Usually it’s used for portraiture photography, sometimes though it could be used for some other creative results. I’ve seen this video recently on YouTube, about “bokeh”, and how creatively it could be used.

I wouldn’t by myself if I didn’t try 😉 I set up my gear with a 35mm (~50mm focal lenght on a 35mm sensor) 1.8f on it, some lights in the background and started shooting. I squeezed the shutter a few times and that was enough. Indeed, a nice effect achieved in a very easy way 🙂

And here are a couple of cellphone shots of behind the scene 🙂


Of course, at the end, here’s a link to the result image:


  • Nice, I really wondered how you did those bokeh balls until I saw that light in the back…

    • Andrzej

      Yes, these are just standard Christmas lights 🙂