Photo Inspiration

photo_inspiration_bookHi everyone!

I’ve recently got a very nice book into my hands. It’s called “’s Photo Inspiration: Secret Behind Stunning Images”. As you’ve probably figured out, the book is from If you haven’t been to website yet, I think it’s about time 🙂 I’ll see there really STUNNING pictures! About the book, it’s a collection of 100 pictures that have been published at along with the picture description, the idea behind and the technical stuff (camera setting, light setting/conditions, etc).

The book looks like the one on the picture above, yes, it’s one of those books that you should have in a paper version (not a Kindle one!) 🙂 It’s divided into a number of categories, e.g. Landscape, Street, etc, so you can focus only on the type of the photography that’s interested to you.

I reviewed many of the pictures and descriptions that the book contains (not all of them, at least not yet) and I’ve gotta tell you folks, this book, apart from being very interesting and inspiring, is a very good educational material, as it exposes all the details hidden behind all of those incredible images.

It’s not very expensive and I think it’s totally worth it. I can definitely recommend it. If you are interested and want to take a look, go to Amazon: here. Once you do this (or maybe you’ve already done that?), let me know your opinion about it, just drop a comment!