Unbelievable, 2 days and 2 photo-walks in a row (check out my previous blog post)! A little bit later in the night this time, but I did try some new photography stuff (a short slide show at the end of this post). Good thing about the photography is that the more you go out and shoot, the more interesting it gets. Practicing the seeing is Read More

Since a while, WE‘ve been trying to meet together and go for a shoot. It took a while and eventually… we supposed to be in four, but ended up in two (Sebastiaan and I). The idea was to shoot the Skyline in Frankfurt, Germany. The weather forecast was showing just a few clouds and it wasn’t any different in reality throughout almost the whole time, until the actual sunset… Once we got to the right place, the sky over the city got very cloudy and I was sure that we won’t get any shot of the sunset. But then, a few minutes later, the clouds formed a very interesting shape, it look almost like a hole in the sky throwing the sun beams out of it. I was just gorgeous.
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other-9Everyone knows how to achieve a “bokeh” effect: either long lens with background away from the subject, or just a short (e.g. 50mm) but very fast lens (e.g. 1.8f). Usually it’s used for portraiture photography, sometimes though it could be used for some other creative results. I’ve seen this video recently on YouTube, about “bokeh”, and how creatively it could be used.
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The weather was horrible during last few days, raining all the time. I was so disappointed as I saw that farmers began the harvest on the wheat fields near my place. I wanted to shoot one of those typical bunch of wheat. I was waiting for this moment last couple of months, literally having a picture in my mind. It was around 21:00 when I saw some beams of very warm light hitting my window. I didn’t think much at that time… I just knew that I can’t miss this opportunity. I quickly checked how much time I have before the sunset is gone, Google showed that the sunset supposed to be at 21:11… 😉 Read More

Recently I went to Speyer and Sinsheim for a day trip with some friends. We stopped for a couple of hours in Sinsheim for a lunch. Luckily enough there was some kind of parade on the streets of the town, a number of partner cities from different countries were celebrating their partnership. Lots of people, music, costumes, etc. There I was this young girl, she got my attention right away as among all smiling faces, people laughing and cheering, dressed in beautiful colors, she was the only one that seemed to be sad, somewhere else with her mind. I’m still wondering what was she thinking at that moment.

Although shooting in a studio sounds like shooting in perfect conditions, it’s always been a sort of mystery for me. Thinking “one source of light can be troublesome, then what about a number of different studio lights”, right? 😉 Recently though, I’ve got the Elinchrom D-lite 2 twin head studio lights, along with some stands, softboxes and a background into my hands. I decided to use this opportunity and learn a bit of how to use some professional studio equipment. I started with one light only, about 45 degrees from left side and I set up the background. I was ready (my living room looked like some sort of cheap studio with nice equipment) and the only missing piece of the puzzle was… what? The model, of course 🙂 I was lucky enough to get my girlfriend helping me with this part.
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Hey Folks!

Recently I’ve seen a class on the kelbytraining.com about light painting photography technique. It’s a very well known technique and it basically means: complete darkness, long exposure and small flashlight (or a huge flashlight – depending on the scene 🙂 ). The class was given by Dave Black – the master of light painting. I just love the idea behind this technique, so I decided to give a try by myself and see what happens.
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photo_inspiration_bookHi everyone!

I’ve recently got a very nice book into my hands. It’s called “1x.com’s Photo Inspiration: Secret Behind Stunning Images”. As you’ve probably figured out, the book is from 1x.com. If you haven’t been to 1x.com website yet, I think it’s about time 🙂 I’ll see there really STUNNING pictures! About the book, it’s a collection of 100 pictures that have been published at 1x.com along with the picture description, the idea behind and the technical stuff (camera setting, light setting/conditions, etc).
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Hi there!

First of all, welcome to my photography blog. I’ve been interested in photography since 2011 (mostly in landscape, travel and street photography), but the idea of creating a photoblog with small portfolio crossed my mind just now. Up till now, I was sharing my pictures through Flickr, trying to keep them in some sort of order, but honestly, I like much more the idea of having a dedicated place, only for my hobby. Of course, I’ll be still posting new pictures on Flickr. Also, from time to time, I post on my – so called – “Technical Domain” blog, where you can find more about me and my daily job.

Since you are here, I encourage you to have a look at my galleries, share them with your friends and leave some comments.

Thanks for stopping by! 🙂