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Yet another light painting attempt. I’m really getting into… I think every image is better than the previous one, not from the lighting point of view only, but also scene creation, crop, etc. I look at an object (or subject) and I’m thinking of how would I light it with my flashlight 😀 Need to do some more! 🙂

I think it just was time to try the light painting again. I got this small Porsche 356B when I was in Speyer museum, where was this souvenir store. I bought this one because of its color, kind of had the though I’m gonna paint it. Once I found a few minutes, I set up a small set and started paining with my small flash light. The result above 🙂

I really like this technique, it’s very creative and it can give great results. Looking for new subjects already 🙂

It’s been a week since last photo shoot and it was about time to shoot again. Looking for new challenges, this time we decided to try with high speed photography. I’ve seen a couple of tutorials on the Internet of how to do such photography so I had a theoretical background. I only wish it was so easy in practice 😉 We spent quite some time tweaking the camera settings, changing the number of speedlights, their position and power, just to get this perfect shot 🙂 I tried different lenses looking for best focal length, but I ended up with 35mm (~50mm on 35mm sensor) f1.8 prime lens that gave me best results. What concerns the cameras settings, most of the pictures were taken with f14, 1/4000s (sometimes even 1/8000s) and ISO 100.

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While hanging out at a skatepark in Frankfurt with some friends and shooting skaters (see the full story), we couldn’t hold off ourselves and went for a short photowalk along Main river. Here you’ll fine a few pictures I’ve taken during that walk:

I think we are doing better and better with our statistics of going out and shooting 🙂 This time we went together with a group of friends to a skatepark in Frankfurt. It was my first time actually, trying to make some action shots. I got quite dirty, sitting or lying on the ground while kids were jumping on their bicycles, but I quite like the shots. I really enjoyed both hanging around with friends and shooting some skaters.

Bellow I attach a few images from that shoot, I hope you’ll enjoy watching them 🙂 Read More

Yet another photo meetup – “photoup” with Roberto. We went out to shoot some airplanes, Roberto did some research for a good view point, and he actually found one. A very nice spot. No one expected though, that 200mm lens (lucky me, I have a cropped sensor which gives me 300mm) won’t be enough. If I only had a longer lens or even better – someone who actually could let us in! 🙂
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I took this picture during last photo-walk in Frankfurt,  when the sun was already gone. We had packed our gear already, and we were actually heading back to the car. But then, on the way back, we saw those lights and reflections. The scene was so gorgeous that we couldn’t stop ourselves. We set up our tripods again and started shooting.

I shot this scene before, only from a different bridge. The view was more less the same, but reacher in the experience, the results are much better!  🙂
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Unbelievable, 2 days and 2 photo-walks in a row (check out my previous blog post)! A little bit later in the night this time, but I did try some new photography stuff (a short slide show at the end of this post). Good thing about the photography is that the more you go out and shoot, the more interesting it gets. Practicing the seeing is Read More

Since a while, WE‘ve been trying to meet together and go for a shoot. It took a while and eventually… we supposed to be in four, but ended up in two (Sebastiaan and I). The idea was to shoot the Skyline in Frankfurt, Germany. The weather forecast was showing just a few clouds and it wasn’t any different in reality throughout almost the whole time, until the actual sunset… Once we got to the right place, the sky over the city got very cloudy and I was sure that we won’t get any shot of the sunset. But then, a few minutes later, the clouds formed a very interesting shape, it look almost like a hole in the sky throwing the sun beams out of it. I was just gorgeous.
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other-9Everyone knows how to achieve a “bokeh” effect: either long lens with background away from the subject, or just a short (e.g. 50mm) but very fast lens (e.g. 1.8f). Usually it’s used for portraiture photography, sometimes though it could be used for some other creative results. I’ve seen this video recently on YouTube, about “bokeh”, and how creatively it could be used.
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