Light painting – attempt #1

Hey Folks!

Recently I’ve seen a class on the about light painting photography technique. It’s a very well known technique and it basically means: complete darkness, long exposure and small flashlight (or a huge flashlight – depending on the scene 🙂 ). The class was given by Dave Black – the master of light painting. I just love the idea behind this technique, so I decided to give a try by myself and see what happens.

The picture above (you can also click in the one on the left to see it bigger) is a single shot taken using that technique. It this case, the exposure was 157.0s at 11/f (the rest of the picture details you’ll find below). This technique is very useful when you want to illuminate only some part of a scene or even subject in sort of random way. What I really like about this technique is that it’s very difficult (if not impossible) to achieve similar results with normal flash or other light sources. Another thing is that you can take 100 pictures of the same subject, in the same conditions, and every single one will be different. This was my first attempt using the light painting technique. I took like 30-40 shots and I happen to like this one the most, especially this foggy lighting of the fabric the Venice Mask is lying on.

Picture details (screenshot from Lightroom):


If you have any experience with light painting, share you opinion with me by leaving a comment! 🙂