Driving in Dolomites

This time we take you for a drive through one of out favorite routes – Sella Pass in Dolomites. Also this time, we added a short video from that drive 🙂

I always had this idea of taking a photo of my car somewhere in the mountains. Driving through Dolomites was an amazing experience, to the point that I only remembered to take this picture on the very last day, with not so good weather. Oh well, you know what they say, the best model is the one who doesn’t complain about the rain 😉

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Driving in Dolomites
Photo details: Nikon D800; 28-300mm f3.5-5.6; 1/50 sec at f/8; ISO 100.
One of our favorite routes was Sella Pass. Driving this route was just unique, we enjoyed it a lot and Natalia even recorded a short video with her iPhone while we were driving. It’s difficult do drive to fast in this area, actually, not difficult, you just don’t want to drive faster to enjoy the view a little bit longer 🙂
Note that we never had any intention of sharing this video with others, it was recorded before we got a GoPro into our hands, we new nothing about making videos, it was even before we came up with the idea of launching Lost Backpackers Travel Blog 🙂 But you know what, watch it anyway, the view is gorgeous!!

Now we know how to do things so stay tuned for next videos! 🙂

More photos at http://andrzejolchawa.com